The Journey Begins

An Update on the Quest to Save Packfilm by Florian "Doc" Kaps - Savior of the Last Polaroid Plant in Enschede & Creator of SUPERSENSE

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Savepackfilm community,

Just like you, I have been hit really hard by Fujifilm's announcement that it has ceased production of Fuji FP-100C film. After all these hard and painful years fighting for the future of analog instant film, I finally had the feeling that the danger of losing another iconic analog format had passed. I obviously was wrong, and so the last few days have been very delicate for me, developing a respectful and correct way to approach the Fujfilm management to discuss how the format might be saved. With the help and support of my Japanese friends, today I can announce some incredibly good news:

I have just booked my flights to Tokyo, where I will have the chance and the true pleasure to meet with a selection of high-ranking Fuji managers next week.

It will be my absolute honor to go there as representative and spokesman for all of you, as well as for a whole range of small but powerful analog companies like IMPOSSIBLE (Thank you Oskar!), NEW 55 (Thank you Bob!), FERRANIA (Thank you Nik and Dave) ...  just to mention a few. This network of forces, resources, expertise and re-established production and development facilities is basically the only chance to find a solution for the future of analog packfilm.

Now, with this united analog power behind my back, I will at least get the chance to inform the Fuji management about a whole range of possible solutions and hopefully give them plausible and persuasive  reasons to reconsider their plans to demolish the equipment used to manufacture packfilm. Please trust that I will prepare the best way possible in order to make the most out of what may be our last realistic opportunity to save packfilm.

And please let me personally ask all of you not only to keep your fingers crossed, but also to support this mission by focusing all available energies this website - - which has been created to connect all the ongoing activities globally.

Please sign the petition so that we have as many signatures as possible before the meeting with Fuji on March 17. Your support can be the catalyst that helps Fuji understand the depth and breadth of love for the format. We are neither a crazy small group of boring vintage lovers nor are we some lifestyle hipsters. We are creative people who believe in the importance of analog technologies in an increasingly digital world. The importance of keeping diversity of analog formats is not only an idea but a reality, as evidenced by the incredible global comeback of the vinyl record and more than 1 million packs of Impossible film sold last year.

Let us stand together strong so that I can proudly present the dedication and power of this movement and the petition next week in Tokyo.

Florian "Doc" Kaps