We are disappointed to learn that FujiFilm has discontnued its production of FP100c film, an essential medium for lovers of Polaroid instant cameras like Andy Warhol. It is our hope that the large, loyal and passionate community of instant camera photographers can rally to persuade makers of film that there remains a market for this unique medium.

Joel Wachs, President
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

Instant film forms unique social connections that are the heart of the artistic impulse.

As a street and documentary photographer, it's not lost on me that using instant film (especially peel apart film) has led to more deep and interesting conversations with total strangers than anything else I've ever done. It defuses the suspicion that digital photography causes and leads to simply better results than almost any other medium. Of course, the tools don't make the artist, but the artist and the tool together make everything.

- Pete Considine

I have been shooting packfilm for over 10 years and it is my primary film choice for all work.

100c has inspired so much creativity, and alongside that so much joy, whether you are Jay Clendenin shooting the sundance festival, or someone seeing their first packfilm photo being peeled apart, you can guarantee there will be a big smile.

This beautiful film is so versatile. Please don't relegate 1000's of incredible working cameras to paper weights and take away this beautiful film loved by so many. 

If it is no longer financially viable for Fuji to produce, please consider selling the equipment to those willing to keep it alive. Thank you.

- Matt Smith

My 360 Land Camera is my favorite of all. I shoot a lot of expired pack film and both FP-100C and FP-3000b. I love the consistent results of the Fuji film, and the lovely blues of the FP-100C. I can't imagine not being able to use my Land Camera anymore.

- Heather P.

I'm quite new to pack film.

I bought a Polaroid Land Camera 190 in 2014, and have been shooting on it more and more ever since. The aesthetics of this film are beautiful, and it is becoming more and more a part of my professional output, in terms of clients (I did a commission on Syrian refugees for The Guardian on it) as well as personal work. I am devastated this film is being discontinued, and had wanted to up my use to about 100 packs per year. No other instant film on the market even compares. I might consider using Impossible film now, but the instax film just doesn't do it for me. Come on Fujifilm - step up. The instant market is growing, and letting go of one of it's most versatile films does not make sense.

- Tom Bradley

I've been shooting Polaroid cameras since the late 60's and, after the discontinuation of Polaroid's packfilm, I've been shooting Fuji's FP-3000B and FP-100C for the past several years.

Shooting Fuji packfilm in old Polaroid cameras is probably one of the most enjoyable pursuits I have. In this digital age the, soft, warm and often imperfect image that film provides cannot be duplicated by digital means to any success, nor should it I would think. 

I have no idea what decisions need to be made at a corporate level that makes sense to that particular corporation, but it seems to me that the decision to pull out of the pack film sales is exactly the opposite decision that one would logically come to.  Fuji has a niche market for this film and instead of pulling it it seems it would make sense to develop it and promote it, possibly build cameras and camera backs for it. Advertise it. Support analog shooters.  I've bought many Polaroid Land cameras over the years and to a one, the sellers had no idea that film was available for them from Fujifilm.

If it is an end of an era, it is a very sad time to be sure.

- Larry Buechler

There a habit so strong that people do it almost instinctively, and it originates from packfilm. 

The act of fanning a fresh packfilm print to dry it quickly took hold of humans in such a way that it persists to this day - with any instant print.

As an experiment, hand a child any instant photo fresh out of the camera. They'll shake it. That's really something...

- Dave Bias

Pack film cameras have defined half of my photography history.

For five of the ten years I've taken photographs, my Polaroid 195 has been my number one camera of choice and source of photographic inspiration. It was a sad moment when fp-3000b and fp-100b were discontinued, but at least the best of the three remained: fp-100c. I once scanned the recovered negative from a shoot and it was used in a two page magazine spread. I think it was sharper than any of the digital two page images in that issue, and it had a unique look to it as well.

- Keaton Andrew

The importance of the Type 100 format is undeniable.  

No matter what, any time I bring out my Polaroid Land 250 or have my packfilm back for my RB67 and pull that frame out, a crowd gathers to watch the magic emerge.

""What is that?""  ""How long has that been around?"" ""Where can I get it?""  ""That is the coolest thing ever!"" are just some of the exclamations from people who watch me shoot packfilm, and every time some sort of excitement about  tangible photographs results.

Packfilm has been a big part of the last 8 years of my life.  I had Land Cameras and packs of FP-3000B at my wedding and those frames are cherished artifacts that can never be replaced.  I still shoot FP-3000B and FP-100C in my RB67, and love the fact that I can get HUGE 7 X 7 negatives from FP-100C.  And recently I've fallen in love with the expired lines of Polaroid film.

I honestly can't think of a world without packfilm.  It's timeless, perfect and a cornerstone of instant photography, and photography in general.

- Patrick J. Clarke

FP-100C is a fantastic instant film that I use extensively for testing my custom camera builds as well as for my personal artistic expressions.  Without this last remaining format, the world will lose its nostalgic connection to the best of our times.

- Ernie Santa Ana

Losing pack film ends a beautiful and history rich medium that I love. 

I am a lifestyle photographer and an avid Polaroid film shooter. I shoot all available formats of Polaroid. Without pack film the Polaroid Land Camera will also die a long slow death. This cripples my art and scares me to my very core. But, I am holding out hope that the amazing talents that are the Polaroid community, and my friends, will find a way to save this film medium. Please spread the word, sign the petition, write your congressman, cross your fingers, whatever it takes. I will support any startup company Kickstarter campaign to save pack film. Save our film!

- Đave Stanway

I'm an artist who works almost exclusively with instant film.

FP-100C has been an important part of the work that I create. I use FP-100C when I'm looking for especially vivid colors, I use it when I want to create double exposures, and I use it for creating emulsion lift work. While there are still other instant film options out there, none of them can accomplish these things in the way that FP-100C can. Without FP-100C emulsion lifts and double exposures will no longer be regular parts of the work that I create. The absence of FP-100C would drastically change my work as an artist, and I don't want to see that happen. I need FP-100C and unique way that it allows me to create.

- Abigail Crone

Fuji FP-100C is the highest quality instant film ever made.

It offers creative flexibility, vibrant colors, and challenges the photographer to expand the mind to new dimensions. Losing this film would represent a massive blow to the artistic and professional photography communities. 

Fuji Corp. - please put your great minds to work and find some creative production solution to keep this masterful film alive!! Prices can be raised. Low volume manufacturing can be developed. Please don't let the world lose this film!!!

- Roger Garrell

“Please continue our dream.”

- Alexandre Garel