Our Purpose

The future of packfilm, the 52-year-old classic Polaroid peel-apart format adored by Andy Warhol, Patti Smith and millions of amateur photographers alike, is in jeopardy. Fujifilm, which manufactures the last available version of packfilm - FP-100C - announced at the end of February it had ceased production, to the dismay of the thousands of devotees worldwide.

This website and the people behind it are dedicated to working constructively with Fuji to find a way to save the Type 100 format. We respect Fuji's strategic business decision, but ask its management to engage with third parties who are interested in acquiring some of the manufacturing equipment in an effort to restart production at a smaller scale. We know Fuji sells hundreds of thousands of packs of FP-100C annually and believe it could be a viable business for a start-up company.

We ask visitors to this site, whether you are a packfilm aficionado, or simply someone who cares about aesthetics and photography, to have a look at the images and testimonials and learn of the passion for this wonderful film. And if you find yourself inspired by this campaign, please join our newsletter, sign the petition and join the #savepackfilm conversation on Twitter and Instagram.

Thank You!